Online reputation management

Development of a positive reputation on the Internet is the key foundation for a successful development of a personal and corporate brand. V-PR Group will assist you in building an online reputation from scratch and significantly improving an existing situation.


Video content is the key part of the marketing world. Thanks to professionalism, experience, creativity and deep understanding of psychology, we are able to create content that works wonders (evokes emotions, attracts, retains) and brings the desired result.

Image making and personal brand development

Development and implementation of an image strategy is the basis for a successful development of your brand. V-PR Group will help you improve an existing personal or corporate brand, as well as develop a new image for you from scratch.

Logo and corporate identity rebranding

A new logo and corporate identity in line with the latest graphic design trends can help a company strengthen its position on the market. V-PR Group will help to develop not just a trendy and stylish logo, but a logo that will resonate with the target audience.

Recent projects